Nana Safiana

Everyone sees beauty subjectively. How we see and respond to beauty rely on numerous factors - our identity, the time in which we live and the way we feel at a specific moment. Before my first visit to Mt.Fuji, I, like others, expected nothing but to be inspired only by it’s beauty, yet it is human nature that we are easily attracted to perfect things. Hence I chose to experience Fuji-san in a humble way and try to embedded myself within the place where most of the time Fuji-san was unseen.

Basho, a17th-century poet wrote;"Rain obscures the scene,but Fuji still exerts a charm, Even when unseen.”

While I was exploring the unfamiliar roads in Fujishiyoda and Fujikawaguchiko cities, I started to sense how elusive Fuji-san was, its strength, form and beauty often hidden behind mists and clouds. Within those lonely roads, there were periods of clarity, beauty and temporary peace whenever I encountered the rare views of Fuji-san, unseen in any publications.

This series represents my personal encounter with the life around Mt Fuji. I learned that we can only see beauty and flaw ‘dance’ together, like a symphony; a harmony between what is mortal and immortal, as well as the balance of life.


Assignment for Two Mountain Project by Klee Inc Paris Tokyo and KLPA.

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