26th May 2016 - 2nd June 2016

I was traveling from Xinjiang, China on bicycle for a month and I need to renew my Chinese visa so I decided to cross China-Kyrgyzstan border and pay Kyrgyzstan a visit. 

It was my first time there and it took my breath away, of how beautiful the nomads live there close with nature. It was an eye opener to witness Osh and Bishkek in short amount of time and I wish I could get to know more.

"Every night before I fall asleep, these images crossed my mind.

Funny how the past is merely an illusion. It's like a time-travelling within your own mind as you search through your bank of memories.

But a beautiful one indeed. 

I miss Osh." 

Nana Safiana, 3rd Feb 2017.

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